When it comes to deciding on your dry cleaning schedule, you may be confused about the proper frequency. Dry cleaning can be a costly affair and you should focus on cleaning outfits that are made of a material that requires dry cleaning. Most dry cleaning clothes can be used at least two or three times unless they are soiled.

A lot of factors need to be considered before deciding on the frequency of dry cleaning. If your clothes are soiled, you may have to take them to your local dry cleaning service immediately. However, dry cleaned clothes can be work multiple times due to the process they go through when dry cleaned. In the dry cleaning process, many chemicals are used to remove stains and spots from the surface of the clothes. In addition, the starch used when pressing the garments to make them wrinkle-free helps the clothes to stay cleaner for a longer period of time. If you are someone who washes their clothes frequently after every use, you may be tempted to dry clean your clothes more frequently too. However, be advised that excessive dry cleaning can decrease the lifespan of your clothes.

Here is a guide on how often to dry clean your clothes
Shirts: Usually shirts are worn inside your blazer or jacket. There is less possibility of them being soiled or getting exposed, especially in the colder days of the year. You can dry clean your wool shirts after the third or fourth wear or even more if they have been used for short durations, multiple times.

Suit Coats: Suit coats are much tougher than you think. Usually, suit coats do not need dry cleaning before at least being worn eight to nine times. Unless you have soiled them or the weather is particularly warm, you may not need to dry clean your suit coat too often. After every use, make sure that you keep the coat buttoned up and covered on a suit hanger inside a suit sleeve so that it remains fresh and crease free.

Pants: Wool pants are another piece of clothing that can be worn multiple times before you decide to dry clean them. Unless soiled, wool pants can be used at least 20 times before they make their way to the dry cleaning basket.

Denim: It is usually best and more cost-effective to wash denim at home. They are a pretty tough fabric and can easily withstand repetitive usage. But if you are concerned about your favourite denim being worn down or shrinking, bring it to a professional dry cleaner. If you do not wish your denim to be pressed, you can specify to your dry cleaner to only wash and not press your denim when dropping off your clothes.

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