We’ve all been there before; we spill or drop something on a carpet or on our clothes and we panic thinking we are going to be stuck with a stain that is never going to come out unless we do something right away. Well never fear, because we have the tips you need to get rid of some of the most infamously stubborn types of stains.

Red wine

Red wine stains can be removed by immediately flushing them with water or club soda, and then sprinkling salt over them. The salt crystals will absorb the wine and, presto, the stain will be gone! For older red wine stains on an article of clothing, stretch the fabric over a bowl and pour some boiling water over it to loosen the stain articles, then launder the clothing as usual.


Oil stains are one of the most stubborn of stains. If you get oil on your clothes, first blot the spot with a paper towel to get as much out as possible, then grab some white chalk if you can and use it in strong strokes working from the centre of the stain outwards. Lastly, put your clothes in the laundry as you usually would.


With these pesky stains, you’ll want to wipe them away with a wet wipe, like the one you use on a baby’s backside, but if you don’t have any, you can use a washcloth dipped in rubbing alcohol. This should do the trick in removing those lipstick stains.


Did you spill some of your morning coffee on your favourite dressy shirt before leaving the house for work? No problem! Blot out as much of the stain as you can and then run the stain under cold water immediately afterward. After doing this, put your piece of clothing into cold water to soak for a few hours. If the stain still has not diminished, you can try sponging it gently with detergent, soak it again, and then wash it as you usually would.


If you’ve got a smudge of chocolate to deal with on your clothing or piece of fabric, you’ll want to wipe and pre-treat the stain with spot remover, then rub it gently and wash it in hot water with fabric-safe bleach.

Follow these tips and these common stains will be no match for you!