Now that we on the brink of spring, we have beautiful weather to look forward to but, with more outdoor time comes more stains. Going camping and hiking, and playing sports like baseball and soccer are some of the best parts about warm weather but it can also mean more work. Spring is notorious for being a wet season, which can make the ground muddy. Some of this mud is bound to get on your clothes and leave behind stains. Large or small, here are some tips to get mud stains out of your clothes:

Check the label of the clothing item first to see what cleaning method is recommended.

Be Patient
It might be tempting to scrub at the stain as soon as you can, but you should wait for the mud to dry first. Then, use a soft bristled brush to brush off as much as you can. An old toothbrush would work well. Finish off by washing the item as usual with your regular laundry detergent.

Stubborn Stains
For an especially stubborn mud stain, you should use a pre-treatment product on it first. Try a mixture of your detergent with ammonia as a pre-treatment. Use non-sudsing ammonia and combine just enough of it with your detergent to form a paste. Apply it to the stained area and let it stand for five to 10 minutes. Then, put it in with the rest of your laundry as usual with the hottest water the garment can withstand.

Remember to test for fading before using any type of stain remover. Do this by applying a small amount of the product to an unexposed area of the garment. Let it stand for about five minutes before rinsing with water. If it alters the colour, do not use this method.

You should also check the label on the laundry detergent. Many give step-by-step instructions for specific stains on different types of garments. Some fabrics are too fragile for stain removers on the market and require a professional.

To ensure your stained clothing remains intact and comes out like new again, contact VIP Dry Cleaners. We have years of experience removing a variety of stains from many different types of fabric. Our team will make sure your garment is handled with the utmost care and do everything we can to return it to its original condition. You will get your clothes back clean and ready to wear. Call us today for a quote or if you have any questions.