You’re probably sick of wearing snow boots and heavy-duty parkas. Enjoy a dream of spring with these hot trends of 2018.


We’re calling it: jumpsuits are going to be a big part of spring wardrobes. They’re stylish and oh so easy to wear. Just slap them on and you’re good to go. And the best part is that jumpsuits are for everyone – there’s going to be a design for every taste and body shape. 


Sportswear pieces have already made the runway alongside skirts and silk dresses. This summer, rather than going out in your plain old workout outfit, be creative and mix up your sportswear with some not so sporty items.

Bike Shorts

You’ve seen Kim Kardashian wearing them. Get ready to see a whole lot of other people wearing them too. 90s-style bike shorts will be everywhere in 2018.

Fanny Packs

Marc Jacobs, House of Holland, Gucci, and Sportmax have all made contemporary takes on the fanny pack. Expect to see more of these fun and functional accessories during the warm breezy months.

Dress Shirt Combos

It started with slip dresses worn over t-shirts. It ends with…your imagination. From silk dresses worn over sporty shirts to flowy dresses worn over leopard shirts, if you can think it, you can do it.  

Denim Everywhere

If you’ve ever wanted to wear head to toe denim, this is your year, because denim is hot. We’re talking denim hats all the way down to denim boots. Outfit design doesn’t get much easier than this.


Pantone announced UltraViolet as 2018’s Colour of the Year. Except to see the intense purple (and shades of it) all through the year.


Another bold colour, bright pink is expected to make a big splash in spring/summer 2018. We can see all the bright pink jumpsuits and sportswear in our minds and it delights us.